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Pay as little as $1.00 for Pup Fiction, a collection of 3 short stories! It's up to you!

This is the eBook / digital download of a mini comic collection we created back in 2008 in extremely limited quantities! All three stories were also included in our (now sold out) Volume 3.

46 pages, b/w interior, color covers.

The first story - SAM, gets you better acquainted with Nemesis, from Sam's point of view.

The second story - ROBOPAN, we meet Anpan & Nemu's robot friend... or is it foe?

The third story - POOTS & TOOTS, the pups bring Nemesis and the girls a little bit closer together.

The eBook / digital download version of this book has these features:
  • Instant download! No waiting for the mailman for a delivery. You'll be reading nemu*nemu in a few minutes!
  • DRM free PDF format! Use it on any computer or device that you wish! Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Kindle, Nook, Android, etc. Any device that can read a PDF file will be able to open our digital download
  • Exact copy of our physical, printed book, only in digital form -- 46 pages in total.
  • Please donate what you feel is appropriate - starting at $1!

    Upon payment, you will be emailed a download link. You'll have 48 hours to download your digital book. Please be sure to back up your digital download once you receive it! We will not be responsible for lost downloads after the link expires. Having trouble grabbing the file, please contact us directly!

    Still not sure?

    Read the first story, as published online!

PupFiction - eBook

This item is donationware. Please pay what you'd like for this item. It's a great way to support the creators of nemu*nemu and you get something very cool in return.

If you don't feel like paying or are thinking about paying less that $1 (Paypal will take most of it in fees), please just download the wallpapers at the link listed in the item description.

Thank you for supporting nemu*nemu!

Anpan Says STOP!

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