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November 10, 2023| Permalink | Blog Archive

[Notice] nemu*shop closure

My Sketches 3 - 2023-01-20
My Sketches 3 - 2023-01-20 2.JPG
My Sketches 3 - 2023-01-20 3.JPG


Just a quick heads up that Scott & I will be traveling and I'll be closing the nemu*shop while we're away from home. If you'd like to order anything for the holidays, please get your order by Monday evening, November 13th, to make sure I can get your package in the mail before we leave.

The Society6 and Spreadshirt shops are open, per normal, but Society6 has made some changes to their system and will only allow 10 designs on free accounts. If there's an illustration you were interested in that was removed, let me know and I'll be happy to replace it. I guess I'll just be rotating art on there from here forth.

For any other questions or concerns, you know how to reach me! Otherwise, see you when we get back! ★